I know, you’re probably wondering what I Am We 2 means and why would someone have that as a URL?  Back in the 90’s I was exploring my spiritual side, reading a lot and looking for a path.  I came upon the power of “I Am” statements and began changing the ways in which I described myself.  I realized positive changes in how I perceived myself in this process and it was enlightening.

I think we receive a lot of information and insight in our sleeping state as our subconscious is free to wander.  One morning I woke with “I Am We” on the tip of my consciousness and knew I found my path.  This knowledge has been reinforced in many ways, which I will explore in my writings on this blog, knowing we are all one with the universe.

I wanted to make this an everlasting vision and spread the word on my new consciousness.  Looking up available URLs I found others had my same vision and “IAMWE” “IAMWE1” “IAMWEONE,” were already taken.  I guess the collective consciousness was going full bore in this realization and my experience was no anomaly.  I chose “IAMWE2” as my URL, even though I was a little disappointed.

With a new vision comes a new story.  I like to be playful and full of fun and puns.  Sorrow and sadness can take up only so much room, and spirituality needs more than synchronicities to give it power.  I tell people now when they ask, “What does I Am We 2 mean?” I say, “I dreamt the statement a long time ago and when I tried to get the URL that best defined my vision, some G#dd@*n M#th0r&uc(er already had it!  So, I chose 2.”

Writing has become my solace, my beginning, my future. It’s my history and how I get through the day, the year, and my life. I have a message, maybe not clear for all to see, but for one reader it is truth that touches the soul. Maybe you, and definitely me. We are one, at one place, one time, one life. Maybe more, and we’ll find that together.  Let’s travel this path of pain and sorrow, glory and joy, fun and puns, growth and spiritedness together. We are one and the same and we are loved.

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