Reality vs Some Version of the Truth

I was thinking last night and this morning about how hard it is to understand reality and all the versions of reality we see and don’t see. I believe we make our own reality based upon our frame of reference and our perspectives, deciphering the meaning.  Successful communication, even with ourselves, trying to understand our path and who intersects our worlds and in what way is an emotional maze. 

Putting in the effort with others can be even more so troubling and confusing, never knowing if we’re getting the right connection or version of their intentions. It’s also predicated on our current state of being, hunger, anger, frustration, fatigue, joy, enlightenment, and whatever other burden or light we’re reflecting. 

Is this a true reflection of reality and does it even exist? That makes it even more of a personal responsibility in creating ourselves.  I don’t know if we have any control of that anyway.  I’m musing and wondering where the truth lay, and if there is really any truth?   

Our emotions also raise many options on how we perceive interactions, what we’re projecting and anticipating.  Is the sky a brilliant blue or is it too bright when we’re trying to sleep? Is that noise an irritant or a wonder? Do I sit here wondering if the landscapers shoveling oak bark in the orchard are thirsty or need the bathroom, or do I go outside and ask them? I think I’ll ask. That is the best way to find the truth.

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