My Gift

Tonight I started making dinner, and Norin’s not participating in an equal way, which translates to I’m doing everything. I’m feeling impatient with him, which is not my usual state in our 35 year marriage.  We’re at the cabin and we stayed out on the lake later than usual, so it’s pretty late and dark by now, which makes me even crankier. 

We’re going to have boneless skinless chicken thighs that I marinated earlier in the day.  I made a Greek Salad using Rachel Ray’s recipe that I have memorized.  Well, mostly, because I always forget something, and I realize after dinner that something this time was the Kalamata olives.  Oh well, I did remember to include our fresh home grown tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, thin sliced red onion, Feta cheese, red wine vinegar, good extra virgin olive oil, Mexican oregano, a few grinds of black pepper and sea salt.  I’m one of those chefs who don’t think a recipe is complete until I taste it and that salad is delectable! 

I cut the rustic bread on the bias creating beautiful 1 inch thick disks, put it under the broiler to a nice light burn on one side only so it’s not too crisp,  drizzle it with olive oil, add a little fresh ground pepper, fresh sea salt and another drizzle of EVO, and that’s perfect, too. 

I picked up some Tzatziki at the market today and that’s a great finishing touch for a Mediterranean style dinner.  I just so happened to pick up some Pecan Turtle cookie dough, too, and I pull those golden brown crisp cooked cookies out of the oven.  They’re our favorites outside of Schat’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies.  Wait, I forgot, our true favorites are my mother’s recipe homemade Hermit cookies.  Her recipe uses dates instead of raisins, which are just the right taste and texture for a spice cookie. 

During this time Norin grilled the chicken.  Not enough at first, but he put it back on the grill when he realized his faux paus.   I don’t know why, but he always has a problem with cooking the chicken.  To his credit, he did select a beautiful red wine while I set the TV trays in the cabin living room.  Anyway, we ate while listening to Joan Baez radio on Pandora, drinking wine.  It was lovely.

After dinner, while eating cookies and drinking the rest of the wine, I remembered something that brought me back to us.  I told Norin that when I went through my past life regression session a few years ago, I realized he had come back this time for me.  I’ve told him before that he is my gift in this life.  He and I both know I don’t feel that way every second, but I know he only came back this time for me.  Yay!  We’ve been here together so many times, and this time it’s for me!  He said he knew that, too.  I just love him.

We are in sync, this time, this moment, and this second.  We know who we are and where we stand in each other’s lives.  This doesn’t happen every day or to everyone.  Only once in many lifetimes together do you know who you are from the other side, the connection, my soulmate, my gift.

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