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He said, “You know it’s all contrived, it’s acting, its not real.” We were watching the best of “Britain’s Got Talent” where the performers are talented and spiritual, letting themselves loose to go beyond the norm. I felt joyful watching their limitless talents spring forth, so I knew it was real. It’s how I want to be now. I realize we choose our own realities, seeing and knowing what we want to see. It’s not bad, it’s how we create ourselves, and what we draw into our lives.

Vision needs to be developed, just as we can create ourselves, it originates somewhere. A vision, a dream, a dare, past lives spoofing our inhibitions, daring us to expand our frame of reference. I don’t really care about the derivative, the hypothesis, let’s go forward. Stop limiting ourselves. I see the wisdom of my soul mothers, rebirth, regeneration, nurturing, bringing our lives forward. Our inner goddess, grandmothers propelling the universe, our souls into the galaxy of who we can be, must be, in realizing ourselves.

I do get carried away, especially when I know I’m right. Let’s lift the grid in what we create, realizing ourselves and our destinies, unbridled freedom. It’s a gift.

I turned to face him on the sofa, our eyes meeting in a loving glance. His smile widened when he felt my joy. He always tells me the best part of his life is seeing me happy. I know it’s true, because I feel the same for him. We’re destined to be with each other, creating our lives together, many times over, past and future.  It’s our gift.


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