I Choose Me and You Choose You


It was the summer of 2012 that I was curious about Soul Work and began reading Dr. Michael Newton’s books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” and then many books by Dr. Brian Weiss about past life regression and healing our current ills.  Both authors described Life Between Lives experiences they learned in their past life regression practice. I was amazed by the things I learned and how this broadened and eased my perspective on life. Understanding that I chose all of my lives, there was no right or wrong experience, only learning, and that all my woes could be cured by love, especially by loving myself, was monumental. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?

I was and am in awe of this meaning to the world we live in and the strata we cross. I initially sought out hypnotherapy in the mid 90’s to help  with many issues, the primary being test taking anxiety. Karen Golob, my first hypnotherapist, was a personal friend and was quite experienced and talented in the art of hypnosis and many other growth and development processes.

I loved being under hypnosis. I felt like I was “one” with the world and everyone and everything in it. Once after a session I went to the bank and it was like I was glowing! I was so in love and that love shone from me so strongly that everyone in the bank was interested and kind.

While under hypnosis, Karen asked if she could speak directly to my subconscious. I gave permission and she asked, “What would you tell Nona when she is preparing to take a test so that she will be calm and not have anxiety?” In my mind I didn’t believe what I was hearing it sounded so unusual, especially in this environment and for this problem, but I blurted out, “You are Loved!”

Karen said, “That is perfect,” and I rethought the statement and saw its beauty and how appropriate it actually was. When you are loved, nothing else really matters. Test taking anxiety shmest taking anxiety! Who needs it, I am loved! I could cry now realizing the depth of that statement. By the way, I took the three national exams using the skills I learned, and my special words, attaining my Associate in Risk Management designation with ease.

When I finished reading the Newton and Weiss books, I sought out a hypnotherapist who was trained in the Life Between Lives method developed by Dr. Newton.  Within a week I had my initial session with the talented Linda Gabriel, Holistic Life Coach, and a week later the Past Life Regression session.

Whew, I was blown away with what I learned about myself, my soul purpose, and the past that was now clear to me! I became so appreciative of my life and the people in it, especially my husband, Norin. I realized that he didn’t need to come back in this life, but did so to be with and support me! That is a terrific gift from a wonderful man.

Another plus was that I lost my suspicion and anxiety towards the world. I didn’t have any fear because I knew I would be back again, and again, and again, unless I didn’t want to come back to this realm. Any mistakes or errors or bad behavior could be learned from in this lifetime, making the next lifetime even better.  There were many opportunities in this life and in future lives to create and realize myself.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this writing, that was six years ago. I’m still in that space of creating and developing myself, and have accomplished many of my personal and professional visions, reaching for more on the horizon.  I know where I am going and when something sets me back a bit, I have the gifted Linda Gabriel and a group of friends and family who help me retain the mindset and vision of myself, and who I am. I am lucky, indeed.

Knowing that I selected my parents, children, siblings and other significant others in this life, from a gathering made up primarily of my soul group, with an intent and purpose  agreed to by all, supporting eachother, maybe through mysteriously circumnavigated paths, is not only satisfying but gives me freedom from wondering what it is I’m supposed to do with this life. I create my life without the burden of other people’s judgment. I mean, they can judge, but really, who cares? They’ve agreed to be here, too, and that is their journey!

Just think of it, your children have selected you to give them the opportunity to develop themselves in this life and you both have agreed to make it happen. It doesn’t mean we give up our free will and things can happen that aren’t anticipated, but we have chosen our potential experiences. All that parental guilt of wondering if we have inadvertently scarred our progeny and caused them the cost of psychotherapy, or worse, is a waste! We are on this path together.

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