Christmas Clarity

Clarity hit instantaneously. Sitting at the shining glass breakfast room table, staring at the horoscope beaming from my iPad, pre-dawn light peeking through the French windows, I realize I have plenty.

It might have actually presented itself yesterday. I felt vibrant and brilliant at the family Christmas celebration it might have been the precursor to my realization this morning, the day after Christmas. A precious gift to receive at any time, no matter when, or where.

Awareness glinting at the corners of my mind and heart, suddenly becoming obvious, filling my soul with giddy joy. These past six months, for the longest while, I felt like I didn’t have enough, could never have enough. I struggled trying to find the right concoction, formulas to make everything turn out the way I wanted. I felt cheated, stupidly so, efforts greedy with need.

My mind begging and whining for more, heart parched in the strain. Disappointment niggling at every gray part of my brain. Beauty was always present in my world, and I saw and see it, but I needed, wanted more. No wonder it was denied. Plenty and abundance, the right recipe, a route worth traveling with ease and wonder fills my heart.

Tears spring from my eyes and I am sated, brilliant abundance shining through my soul to the new dawn.

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